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Booking Online Appointments

Booking Online Appointments

Please read this information carefully before booking an online appointment. It will help you to make the right appointment with the right member of staff; can you please state reason for the appointment.

Routine appointments are now bookable online. Urgent on the day appointments are still only available by telephone. You can also CANCEL existing appointments online.

GP appointments can be booked for; physical and mental health problems, medication reviews.  GPs will NOT take blood, change dressings, remove sutures, perform smear tests or syringe ears or Asthma reviews etc…

Each appointment is for 10 MINUTES ONLY. It is difficult to deal with more than 1 problem in this amount of time. If you have more than 1 problem then it may be necessary for you to book more than 1 appointment.

If you have forms or paperwork to fill in, please bring the paper work to Reception who will find out if a GP appointment is needed.

Nurses Appointments – Our Guide to what you can book ONLINE

 If you book with the wrong person for the wrong amount of time then you WILL be asked to rebook at another time – IF IN DOUBT PLEASE PHONE RECEPTION FOR AN APPOINTMENT on 01452 522902

If you have received a letter for other clinics not listed below, please follow the instructions with the letter.

Appointment Type Nursing Team Appointment Time Needed ONLY BOOK ONLINE IF…
Bloods Lorraine TRIGG 5 or 10 Mins A health professional advised the test
B12 Injections Hayley Hale 10 Mins
Blood Pressure Hayley Hale 10 Mins
Weight/Orlistat Hayley Hale 10 Mins
Shingles/Pneumonia Vaccinations Issy Watson

Annmarie Bailey

10 Mins You have received a letter
Childhood Immunisations Issy Watson


20 Mins You have received a letter
Contraception Issy Watson

Annmarie Bailey

20 Mins
Smear Issy Watson

Annmarie Bailey

20 Mins You have received a letter
Vaginal Swab or Sexual Health Screening Issy Watson

Annmarie Bailey

Hayley Hale

20 Mins

URGENT APPOINTMENTS – Call at 08:30 for a morning appointment and at 14:00 for an afternoon appointment. Please be aware the lines can get very busy, if we are engaged then ring back quickly. If you ring too late there may be no urgent appointments left.


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