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New ways of working with new staff

Kingsholm surgery will have several new members of staff to help provide extra appointments during 2017.  Here are some examples:

From February 2017 Annmarie Bailey, an Advance Nurse Practitioner (ANP), will see patients ringing for urgent/emergency appointments. She will work alongside the GPs.

Our new pharmacist Audrey Ghanney will be able to assist you with medication reviews and updating medicines after hospital appointments or discharge. She may contact you to let you know what medication changes we are planning or have completed.

If you have problems such as low mood, stress, depression and anxiety you will be able to see a mental health worker here in the surgery or speak to them over the phone.  Alternatively you may wish to visit the ‘Let’s Talk’ Gloucestershire website (www.talk2gether.nhs.uk) for information about help available or  telephone 0800 0730 2200.

For new pregnancy you can ask the receptionist to book an appointment directly with the midwife.

For urgent problems in pregnancy please tell the receptionist you are pregnant and the nature of the problem as you may need to see a GP.

If you have an unwanted pregnancy or are not certain about keeping it, or you have a sexual health problem such as a discharge, you may contact Hope House direct or see a GP to discuss.

For queries about referrals, letters and hospital appointments the secretary will be able to help.

Don’t forget your local pharmacist can also help with many health issues, including eye infections, coughs and colds, earache, sore throat, allergies, Athlete’s foot and bites and stings.

This does mean that if you ring to make an urgent/emergency appointment on the day it will be helpful to give the receptionist some information to make sure that you see or speak to the right person as quickly as possible.  

The receptionist may ask some questions to help you see the right person.  Please note that all our staff are trained about patient confidentiality and will treat whatever you tell them as being strictly confidential.