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What is a Repeat Prescription?

Repeat prescriptions are medications which appear on the reverse of your prescription which your doctor would like you to continue on a regular basis.

It is your responsibility to order your repeat medications and to make sure you don’t run out. It takes us 48 hours to process a repeat medication request. Make sure you order in time.

How to request a Repeat Prescription?

Repeat prescriptions may be ordered in 5 ways:

  • Using our Online Repeat Prescription Service;
  • You may hand in your computer slip or a note with your name, address, DOB and the medication required written clearly;
  • Set up a direct Repeat Prescription Order through your local Pharmacist;
  • By post (please enclose a stamped addressed envelope)
  • You can ring the NHS Prescription Ordering Line on 0300421 1215 Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00. Please note this is a Gloucestershire wide service and is not based at Kingsholm Surgery. They are able to access your medication computer records and order for you. It takes us 48hours to process a repeat medication request.

We need 48 hrs notice to process your repeat prescription request. Please do not abuse our system by expecting us to do prescriptions faster than this, unless the need is genuinely urgent.

Please remember…

  • Requests for repeat prescriptions must be made in writing to avoid mistakes.
  • We will NOT accept repeat medication requests over the phone at the surgery.
  • We will not accept telephone requests.
  • You can make an arrangement to have your prescriptions picked up and delivered by a local pharmacy. Please note this is your responsibility to organise, not the responsibility of the surgery.
  • The contraceptive pill can only be prescribed by making an appointment to see the doctor or nurse, but emergency contraception may be prescribed over the phone if appropriate.
  • With some minor conditions, such as conjunctivitis, cystitis, hay-fever, you may be able to save a doctor’s appointment, by seeing a local pharmacist. Or you can have a word with the receptionist, and we may be able to leave a prescription out for you.