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Electronic Prescription Service

We have introduced a new way of generating your prescriptions called “Electronic Prescription Service” (EPS) which will mean that your prescriptions will go directly to a chemist of your choice. With EPS this means that you no longer have to come to the surgery to pick up your repeat prescriptions, you can go straight to your nominated chemist. If you wish to use this system you must let your chemist know and they will make the necessary changes. Please note it is the chemist who makes the changes and this is then passed onto our computer. If you wish to change your nominated chemist or if you have been wrongly allocated to a particular chemist or if you have not agreed to be allocated to a chemist then you must discuss this with the chemist. The surgery does not allocate a chemist, it is the chemist who signs you up.

You still need to allow 48 working hours from the time of your request.

Unfortunately certain medications cannot be done through EPS due to safety reasons. These medications include:

  • Controlled drugs like (Tramadol, Morphine, Oramorph, Fentanyl, etc)
  • Private prescriptions